10 comments on “KickPed vs. Xootr: Customer Service review

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  2. How did your follow-up go? I’d be very interested to hear if you got better service on your return or by speaking to someone else.

    • Thanks for commenting, Andy. I dropped it off today at 1645, they called me at 1930 to tell me that it’s fixed and ready for pickup. I’m going to make this one post after all once I’ve picked it up tomorrow. And riding the Xootr MG for the first time in a year, I’ve noticed something about the stem that concerns me (and that nearly killed me)…stay tuned.

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  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience with NYCe Wheels. I especially appreciate the picture that you pointed out “There should be a blue plastic wall fused between the collar and outer edge of the roller bearing.” I ordered a kickped and when it arrives, I will inspect it and look closely for the blue plastic wall. I have checked pictures of other kickpeds and I saw the blue plastic wall that you’re speaking of. Thank you again!!

    • Thanks for commenting BB. I’m sure the bearing-wall seal will be there; the question is whether it will stay. It’s subjected to a lot of pressure and splashed with grime, chemicals and water at different temperatures. As soon as mine broke out, the bearing was shot quickly. It filled with road grit, destabilized and started to go off camber.

      The replacement that was so hard-won from NYCeWheels still works, but both tires lose speed very quickly now when I spin them in the air by hand. Whatever bearings Xootr uses, by contrast, still have lots of coast after years of riding. Since warranty service has been a pain (for me — YMMV), maybe I will replace the KickPed bearings with better ones. as NYCeWheels recommended when they wanted me to go away.

      I’m sure you’ll love the KickPed though. It’s a masterwork of simplicity.

    • Hey Jim, when I brought the KickPed in to NYCEWheels recently for a replacement part, Peter pointed out the warranty change to me, and admitted they’d changed it from when I bought the KP. It’s a fair change; some parts like the rear spoon brake will wear out.

      There was only one other part liable to fail suddenly, and the second generation KPs out have corrected that. I hope to blog about that soon, though practically speaking it will only be of interest to those owning the earliest KPs.

  5. Thanks for your detailed review Brechett. End user reviews are a very useful resource not only for customers looking to purchase a scooter but also for us as a retailer to take a look at what we do right and, more often, what we did wrong. It’s been a long time since your scooter initially broke and I’m very happy to see your replies to help other owners out. I’m glad you’re enjoying the scooter overall. Please give us a call next time you need something and I’ll do my best to help you out. -Peter, manager @ NYCeWheels

  6. To be fair, Xootr will use the fine print to deny you as well. I asked about getting a discount on a carry case, but was refused for buying through a retailer. That’s fair, it sucks, but that’s business.

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