5 comments on “Kickped vs. Xootr customer service: Losing Your Bearings

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  2. Haha, I have read both articles. Very amusing. If all it needs is bearings changed then that’s good. I would do that myself, probably upgrade them at the same time, maybe forking out for ceramic ones. Anyway thanks for going to the trouble of doing this write-up. Did you write about the xootr?

    • Hi Elliot. Thanks for commenting. I will definitely change bearings myself in future. But after talking to some skate shop cats, they said ceramic bearings might get beat up, corroded or breached by water and end up costing a lot more with only a little less trouble in the bargain. Regular changes of cheap bearings seems better, but I have found WD-40 (not for lubrication, but for “Water Displacement”, the WD in its name) to keep the bearings from squeaking after riding through the rain. Regular applications do seem to keep water out and action better.

      I wrote about the two compared to each other. But after all this time, I have some major criticisms of the Xootr. I recently did some welding on it to try and come up with a fix, but it’s easier to fix the Kickped myself than the Xootr. At this point, after several years with both, I wouldn’t recommend it over the Kickped. There will be more forthcoming on recent Kickped repairs.

      • Thanks for writing this mate.

        Always good to have an idea of who you’ll be dealing with when purchasing something that needs maintenance.

        I’m considering buying a Kickped from the guys at NYCeWheels but have been a bit skeptical about their claims of the Kickped’s indestructiblity. That skepticism only worsens if you read the fine print in the warranty – a stark contrast to the wording on their product page…

        I’m very interested to hear how the Kickped has held up over the years and am keen to hear about your most recent repair experience. Please let me know if you’ve posted another article elsewhere.

        Thanks again for the insight into customer service at NYCeWheels!

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