4 comments on “Actions at #OWS: Babylon

  1. Alex, I’m so happy that you are finally publishing your work online, it’s brilliant and funny! Hard to pull that off….

    • Thanks Misa! I’ve got other writing published online but through other titles; this is the only unfettered me, so I’m glad you like it.

      The world may not see the benefits of OWS right now, but it’s children doing this for the children (present and unborn). Youth can be frank and direct about despair and has the longest view of the future.

      I’ve driven across the U.S. 6 times…during the Clinton tenure. If some of what I saw then was stunning, I can’t conceive of the suffering in the “flyover states” now.

  2. I was once asked “Is there anything you can do for the children?”…
    But, this was years ago when I was in Jamaica and probably not relevant almost 17 years later.

  3. Especially now that America seems to be the country that has the higher number of unemployed and poverty-stricken families, I see desperation every time I can afford the gas to drive through town. Maybe it’s just Asheville? This city seems like a magnet for the homeless.

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